Wave propagation and scattering in random media

Wave propagation and scattering in random media

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Wave Propagation and Scattering in Random Media, Volume 1: Single Scattering and Transport Theory presents the fundamental formulations of wave propagation and scattering in random media in a unified and systematic manner, as well as useful approximation techniques applicable to a variety of different situations. The emphasis is on single scattering theory and transport theory. The reader is introduced to the fundamental concepts and useful results of the statistical wave propagation theory. This volume is comprised of 13 chapters, organized around three themes: waves in random scatterers, waves in random continua, and rough surface scattering. The first part deals with the scattering and propagation of waves in a tenuous distribution of scatterers, using the single scattering theory and its slight extension to explain the fundamentals of wave fluctuations in random media without undue mathematical complexities. Many practical problems of wave propagation and scattering in the atmosphere, oceans, and other random media are discussed. The second part examines transport theory, also known as the theory of radiative transfer, and includes chapters on wave propagation in random particles, isotropic scattering, and the plane-parallel problem. This monograph is intended for engineers and scientists interested in optical, acoustic, and microwave propagation and scattering in atmospheres, oceans, and biological media.CHAPTER 1 l:] INTRODUCTION In many problems of wave propagation and scattering, the medium in which a wave travels ... have been made on deterministic problems, including various antennas, diflraction and scattering, and guided waves, among others. ... In this book, we address ourselves to the question of how a wave interacts with a random medium, how one ... Volume 2 contains Parts IIIa€”V. Part III (Chapters 14 and 15) deals with the theory of multiple scattering of waves inanbsp;...

Title:Wave propagation and scattering in random media
Author:Akira Ishimaru
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-06-11


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