Wealthy Child

Wealthy Child

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Credit cards, unneeded debt and poor investment decisions are some of the pitfalls your child will face. Many young people make mistakes as they encounter many of life's major events. Don't let this happen to the young people in your life. You can help your kids whether they are 3 or 30. Wealthy Child is an easy to read book with solid information that will help your children get ahead financially. Your children will learn how to handle money and make it grow. Children will understand money and master these skills. They will learn skills to avoid financial failure and to succeed. Success does not happen automatically. Wealthy Child shows you what you must start doing with your child today. By the time your child is a young adult, he will know more than most adults twice his age about money and finance. Wealthy Child covers what wealthy people are doing for their children. If you are a grandparent, Wealthy Child will show you many ways to give your grandchild a head start in life.This should not be too hard these days as the credit card companies seem to issue cards to everyone. ... The second way for your child to obtain a credit card if he is having difficulty is for him to back the credit card with a bank account. ... If the reason for the poor credit is due to credit cards with balances where your child is paying only the minimum, or less, the best way for him to improve his credit scoreanbsp;...

Title:Wealthy Child
Author:William Gerosa
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2008-08


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