Weight Loss Made a Bit Easier

Weight Loss Made a Bit Easier

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A book by independent author Larry Zafran who overcame three decades of being overweight. It is important for the prospective reader to understand for whom this book is NOT intended, and what this book is NOT about. This is not a diet book. It does not include recipes, menu plans, eating schedules, or calorie listings. It is not an exercise book. It does not include exercise schedules or routines, or pictures or detailed descriptions of exercises. It does not imply that losing weight is fast, fun, or easy. This book is NOT intended for anyone waiting for a weight loss solution in the form of a new food/drink, diet, exercise DVD/gadget, drug, or supplement. It is not intended for anyone hoping to lose weight via counting calories and regular weigh-ins. It is not intended for anyone morbidly obese or who has a medical condition requiring a doctor's supervision, or anyone convinced that s/he is qgenetically programmedq to be overweight. This book is intended for adults with Stypical modern lifestyles, who are willing and able to accept that efficient and permanent weight loss requires basic effort and awareness, as well as small, gradual, practical changes to both eating and exercise habits. The author is not a doctor, celebrity, personal trainer, or dietician. After briefly describing his personal weight loss story, the book provides guidance for becoming aware of one qs eating and exercise patterns, and slowly modifying them such that any changes are sustainable for life. The book includes chapters on emotional and interpersonal issues in weight loss, the impact of restaurants, fast food, advertisers, the news media, American culture, and myths. The author advocates using a detailed journal to track patterns and foster accountability. A companion journal is available but need not be purchased. The book describes how to make a journal oneself. Blank pages from the companion journal may be printed at no cost via the author's website which also hosts a discussion forum.ASPECTS OF GOING TO A GYM It is common for overweight people to join a gym in an effort to lose weight. ... returning only once more on onea#39;s own to do a few dumbbell curls, and use a treadmill or exercise bike for 15 minutes. ... The point is to verify that you have the self-motivation to stick with any exercise program.

Title:Weight Loss Made a Bit Easier
Author:Larry Zafran
Publisher:Larry Zafran - 2011-04-19


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