Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook

Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook

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The Weight-Shift Control (WSC) Aircraft Flying Handbook introduces the basic pilot knowledge and skills that are essential for piloting WSC aircraft. It introduces pilots to the broad spectrum of knowledge that is needed as they progress in their pilot training. This handbook is for student pilots, as well as those pursuing more advanced pilot certificates. Student pilots learning to fly WSC aircraft, certificated pilots preparing for additional WSC ratings or who desire to improve their flying proficiency and aeronautical knowledge, and commercial WSC pilots teaching WSC students how to fly should find this handbook helpful. This book introduces the prospective pilot to the realm of WSC fl ight and provides information and guidance to all WSC pilots in the performance of various maneuvers and procedures. Modifications: Removed blank pages, added chapter bookmarks THIS MANUAL IS A PUBLIC DOMAIN WORK OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT MAY BE DOWNLOADED FROM THE FOLLOWING LINK: http://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/A hook knife should also be accessible for the pilot and passenger. ... should include a mobile phone/radio for retrieval, clothes appropriate for the environment, ropes to tie down the WSC aircraft, cash/valid credit cards, and food /water.

Title:Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying Handbook
Author:Federal Aviation Administration, US Department of Transportation
Publisher:/r/flying Publishing Services - 2008-06-01


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