What to Feed Your Baby

What to Feed Your Baby

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Since economic drivers now supplement nutritional value when parents make feeding decisions, What to Feed Your Baby: Cost Conscious Nutrition for Your Infant presents vital information that will help parents provide optimal nutrition for their infants in a cost effective way. The author's clear explanations and thoughtful recommendations are often surprising, occasionally startling, sometimes controversial, and always useful. Common questions are carefully answered and supplemented with charts, figures, and summaries that highlight important points. The author's innovative, cost-sensitive methods can save both new and seasoned parents hundreds to thousands of dollars yearly and improve their families' nutrition at the same time. His recommendations, which have received national commendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics, serve as the basis for a better understanding of the complexities of infant formula, the benefits of breastfeeding, handling allergies, introducing solid foods, and other feeding decisions, while addressing cost-sensitivity and overall nutrition for newborns and infants. Using poignant patient narratives and a conversational voice, Dr. Stan Cohen offers parents a fuller picture of the broad spectrum of eating and feeding choices facing parents today.THE OTHER ADVANTAGE: COST How much does breastfeeding cost? ... for the baby but to replenish her own stores), and if she isna#39;t eating enough fish to supply the baby with DHA, shea#39;ll have to take fish oil or supplement with DHA itself.

Title:What to Feed Your Baby
Author:M. D. Cohen
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers - 2013-06-16


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