What's in my Heart?

What's in my Heart?

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a€œFrench philosopher and writer Voltaire, once said, a€œPoetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and feeling souls.a€ Poetry has the unique ability to grasp the inner reaches of our soul, through the unique life experiences of the author. a€œWhata€™s In My Heart - Volume II, a€ has beautifully and authentically done just like that- searched the recesses of our soul. If you are in search of an anthology of well-crafted and thought -provoking vignettes about real life struggles with GOD always by your side, this book is a must have.a€ Dr. Marc Alan Brunelle Minister of Liturgy a Music St. Marcelline Catholic Church Schaumburg, Illinois WHAT MATTERS MOST? What matters most is how we treat people What matters most is how we live our lives What matters most is how we say things What matters most is, to have peace in our hearts. We are blessed people of GOD We are indeed created in GODa€™s Image We have our Blessed Mother to intercede We have our LORD JESUS who redeems our sins. We have the holy angels who sing for us We have the holy saints whom we invoked We have the Holy Spirit at our side How amazing this life is... And thata€™s what matters most How about you...what matters in your life most?He dances good, he has a nice voice His songs are music and not noise He has a sense of humor and can make faces, He can ... He likes to read books and likes to solve mazes Puzzles, trivia questions he likes to answer, He is very polite, ... ( In our dialect (Tagalog) nanay means mother and ninang means godmother).

Title:What's in my Heart?
Author:Esther B. Jimenez
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-09-29


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