What's Your Business?

What's Your Business?

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Whata€™s Your Business? offers a comprehensive pathway through corporate design, clarifying the relationship between corporate design and corporate strategy and the terms identity, brand, image, communication and reputation. It explores the impact of developing digital technology on brand creation which uniquely positions a business in a marketplace, through symbolic and coherent design. By combining corporate and design strategy with creativity, Claire Tomlins illustrates the subjecta€™s diversity. She ensures businesses set goals, strategies and plans and that they take care in selecting an identity to spark the corporate design strategy and creative inputs for marketing purposes; including design management, measurements and IP topics. This book explains to business people, designers and students why design is important and where each of their skills are required within the corporate environment.Resolution is the number of slots within which pixels a€“ these being dots of colour a€“ are displayed. ... Recently the retina display screen appeared, this being the brand name of an Apple LCD high-definition screen where the ... distance relative to the size of the device, for instance, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and MacBookPro.

Title:What's Your Business?
Author:Dr Claire T Tomlins
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2014-09-28


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