When Heroes Love

When Heroes Love

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Toward the end of the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh King Gilgamesh laments the untimely death of his comrade Enkidu, qqmy friend whom I loved dearly.qq Similarly in the Bible, David mourns his companion, Jonathan, whose qqlove to me was wonderful, greater than the love of women.qq These passages, along with other ambiguous erotic and sexual language found in the Gilgamesh epic and the biblical David story, have become the object of numerous and competing scholarly inquiries into the sexual nature of the heroes' relationships. Susan Ackerman's innovative work carefully examines the sto.I would also argue that whatever the literalistic meaning of homosexual as a€œof one sex, a€ the term is typically understood to have a much broader meaning, as in Nissinena#39;s definition of homosexuals that I quoted earlier (individuals who have a€œ most of [their] erotic needs met in interactions with ... 29, who argues that, at least in Boswella#39;s 1982a€“83 essay a€œRevolutions, Universals and Sexual Categories, a€anbsp;...

Title:When Heroes Love
Author:Susan Ackerman
Publisher:Columbia University Press - 2012-08-21


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