When I Go Home

When I Go Home

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Everyone starts to forget things as they get older, but when should you become concerned that it could be a sign of something even more serious? That was the question Bill Galea had to answer as he noticed that his mother was exhibiting increasing signs of memory loss. When the problems began to endanger her own safety, the family knew it was time to see a doctor. This emotional and inspiring account delves into the daily struggle with Alzheimer's disease that Bill shared with his mother and explores how he learned to be an effective caregiver for her. He also provides advice on recognizing the early symptoms of Alzheimer's, communicating compassionately with your loved one who has Alzheimer's, making your caregiving experience easier, and coping with the emotional repercussions of the disease. Despite the terrible nature of Alzheimer's, you can still connect on a deep emotional level with a loved one suffering from the disease. Find out how Bill and his mother are continuing the fight and maintaining the special bond they have as mother and son in qWhen I Go Home.qThis problem is common for many families who are dealing with a loved one in the beginning stages of Alzheimera#39;s disease. It is not only devastating ... My Mom has told me on many different occasions, even as recently as 2013, that she is scared. Sometimes when she ... As I pulled up in my Volkswagen Passat, Mom came running out of the house and right up to the car with her coat on. She opened theanbsp;...

Title:When I Go Home
Author:Bill Galea
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-11


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