Why Tesla's shares will cost 2.000 $ within 12 months

Why Tesla's shares will cost 2.000 $ within 12 months

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The Tesla Motor Company takes its name from the scientist and inventor and the AC motor that it uses in its vehicles is a direct descendant of Teslaa€™s 1882 design, showing how far reaching and ahead of its time his thinking really was. Nikola Tesla was one of the great innovative geniuses and forward thinkers of the 19th and 20th centuries. He contributed significantly to the development of the alternating current electric supply system and invented (among many other things) the tesla coil, an electrical transformer that is still widely used. His work fell into obscurity until fairly recently when the surge of interest in projects, such as electric cars (and some other more bizarre theories and fads) brought his ideas back to the forefront of technology and popular culture.The second a€“ most unlikely a€“ scenario is the complete elimination of all powerful sports cars, leaving behind just the likes of the underpowered-for-atrue-sports-car Scion FR-S -like vehicles. The third scenario is one that would satisfy our itchanbsp;...

Title:Why Tesla's shares will cost 2.000 $ within 12 months
Author:Michael Wenkart
Publisher:BoD – Books on Demand - 2014-04-10


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