Wiimote on PC Games

Wiimote on PC Games

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Controlling games with a Wiimote, Nunchuck and Infrared (IR) on PC is something very easy and natural. The program to use for controlling PC games is made from a gamepad library used to have the data with accuracy. The Wiimote library is named WiimoteLib wrote by Brian Peek and Coding4Fun. The codes to create the program for using Wiimote on FPS and TPS allow to use the Wii motion plus extension but Wiimote plus wasna€™t tested. The Wii motion plus allow more accuracy for move the view in FPS and TPS when aiming with the sensor bar (IR). You can perfectly play all PC games with Wiimote, Nunchuck and IR. There is a low latency time. Ita€™s more playable than the popular program named Glovepie, because more the program is simple, more ita€™s playable. Ita€™s better than a Wii and a HD console because the PC have better quality on games, and the motion control is very immersive. Wiimote, since the launch in 2006, is the best gamepad, and better than a mouse and keyboard and far better than a classic controller. Playing with Wiimote is the best control for games more enjoyable than other controls. With this program, it make the Wiimote, the best hardware to play games.You need: PC Windows 64 bits, TV HDMI, HDMI Wire, Bluetooth USB device, Wii or Wii Mini or sensor bar, ... Informations a€cUsing the Wiimote with WiimoteOnPC can replace your keyboard/mouse in almost all PC games. You must replaceanbsp;...

Title:Wiimote on PC Games
Author:Michael Franiatte
Publisher:Michael Franiatte - 2014-10-03


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