William Wayne Red Hat, Jr.

William Wayne Red Hat, Jr.

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A tribal leader preserves Cheyenne history, beliefs, and culture As Keeper of the Arrows, William Wayne Red Hat, Jr., is charged with protecting one of the most sacred possessions of the Cheyenne people and serves his tribe as a revered cultural authority. The Arrow Keeper also oversees and maintains the tribea€™s spiritual connection to the land. Sibylle Schlesiera€”whose father, anthropologist Karl Schlesier, was a close associate of Red Hata€™s familya€”recorded and transcribed this memoir of Bill Red Hata€™s life. Through his words, we meet an intelligent, humble man who cares deeply about the perpetuation of his peoplea€™s cultural identity and the preservation of their beliefs. His descriptions of ceremonies and traditions will serve as a guide to help keep them alive for posterity. Red Hat conveys an oral tradition that preserves stories and memories of his people as well as accounts of historical events passed down within his family.The peoplea#39;s way is a lot better than any governmental structure or any capitalist structure, because in the long run you ... They know how to steal money, they know how to use the loopholes, they know how to use the gray areas, so what areanbsp;...

Title:William Wayne Red Hat, Jr.
Author:William Wayne Red Hat
Publisher:University of Oklahoma Press - 2014-10-22


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