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National Book Award finalist A New York Times notable book a€œOne knows early on one is reading a classica€”a text so necessary and abundant and true that all efforts of its kind, for decades before and after it, will be measured by it.a€a€”Thomas Lynch, Los Angeles Times After fifteen years in print, Woman remains an essential guide to everything from organs to orgasms and hormones to hysterectomies. With her characteristic clarity, insight, and sheer exuberance of language, bestselling author Natalie Angier cuts through the still prevalent myths and misinformation surrounding the female body, that most enigmatic of evolutionary masterpieces. Woman is a witty and assured narrative tour de force with a reliable grasp of science. Updated throughout and with a new introduction bringing readers up to date on the latest science in evolutionary psychology and hormone replacement therapy, this new edition of Woman reinvigorates Angiera€™s joyful vision of womanhood. a€œUltimately, this grand tour of the female body provides a new vision of the role of women in the history of our species.a€a€”Washington PostIa#39;ve often noticed that daughters are hard on their mothers, much harder than sons are. Women will ... I was in that deliberative, grudgingly generous, self- defensive frame of mind when I wrote my good-mother essay. Otherwise, oh how anbsp;...

Author:Natalie Angier
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 1999-04-06


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