Wookieepedia - Droid Introduction

Wookieepedia - Droid Introduction

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Source: Wikia. Pages: 32. Chapters: 12-series traffic control droid, 1e-XE, 2-1B technical droid, 2JTJ, 3-S, 3D-4X, 3Z3 medical droid, 4-S, 4724, 4A-2R, 5-S, 68-RKO, 87-RM Scout Collector, AB-US3, AC-38, AC Series, AL-BRT-34-X3, AQX-series, ASN courier droid, Administrative droid, Advanced Jedi Training Droid 6, Advanced blowtorch, Advanced computer tool, Advanced droid interface, Advanced flame thrower, Advanced gravity generator, Advanced shield disruptor, Advanced stun ray, Agrirobot, All-Species Replica Droid, Aly San San, Analysis droid, Android, Annamar experimental battle droid, Anti-Air Super Battle Droid, Anti-air battle droid, Aqua droid, Archa Sabis's Droid Army, Archivist droid, Armx, Astronavigation droid, Automated fire extinguisher, Automated repair droid, Automated sabacc dealer droid, Automated sentry gun, B-1D4, B-4R5-GE3, B-series battle droid, B0-LT5, B1 battle droid sergeant, B1 battle droid sergeant, B1 battle droid sergeant 2, B1 grapple droid, B2-HA series super battle droid, B2-HA series super battle droid, B2-HA series super battle droid, B2 buzzsaw droid, B2 chainsaw droid, B3-A ultra battle droid, B3-T4, B3NK, B4J4 security droid, BBQ droid, BG-J38, BL-39 interrogator droid, BT-16 perimeter droid, BX-series droid commando 1, BX-series droid commando 2, BXET-R2, Baffle, Baron battle droid, Battle droid Mark II, Battle droid Mark III, Beetle droid, Bell-bot, Bender, Beta-4 CardShark, BigScoop Robo-Harvester, Binoc droid, Bix, Black Sun gladiator droid, Bruthus, Buggy Droid, C-2V9, C-4ME-O, C-class VoxPop advocate droid, CD-2 Harvester, Cam droid, Catch, Class-one scientific research unit, Cleaver, Clunker, Cold assault battle droid, Corps Commander, Crimson Condottiere, D-4R5, DD-11A, DFS-1104, DFS-1138, DFS-1308, DJ-88, DRN-38, DUM-series pit droid, DV-9, Dalek, Demolition droid, Detainment droid. Excerpt: 0-1B was a battle droid that worked incognito as a medical droid aboard the barge Dune Princess. It was assigned by slicer qNever D...Source: Wikia.

Title:Wookieepedia - Droid Introduction
Author:Source Wikia
Publisher: - 2011-10-27


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