World in the Balance

World in the Balance

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In mid-1940, the British Expeditionary Force desperately attempted to flee the small French port of Dunkirk and reach British shores. France was falling, and the men were well aware that the German army had already conquered Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, and Belgium. Only Britain remained. Churchill then proclaimed to the House of Commons, qHitler will have to break us in this island or lose the war.q There were, perhaps, no more telling words spoken in World War II. For the following five months, Great Britain waged a heroic, and clandestine, struggle with Nazi Germany--one both psychological and diplomatic--over the fate of the world. World in the Balance recounts these pivotal months. Rallying after Churchill's speeches, destroying the French fleet so it would not fall to the Germans, fending off Nazi agents from former King Edward VIII, weakening England's defenses to build up those of Egypt, establishing a dedication to secret radar, and engaging in deft diplomacy--notably saving Gibraltar by keeping Spain neutral and successfully courting favor in the United States--set all the pieces in place for eventual victory over Axis fascism.They learned how to disable tanks with crowbars thrust into the treads and sabotage a car by pouring sugar into the gas tank. They rigged pipes to flood roads with gasoline they would set alight in an invasion. They held bottling parties, whereanbsp;...

Title:World in the Balance
Author:Brooke C. Stoddard
Publisher:Potomac Books, Inc. - 2011-09-01


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