Your Book, Your Way

Your Book, Your Way

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It seems that everywhere an author turns, someone is waving their hands and yelling qOver here! We've got the best publishing deal for you over here!qSo how do you choose what's best for your career, your book, and your wallet?Should you start your own publishing company? What's involved with that? Is it wise financially to stick with the traditional publishing route? Are electronic books a better way to go than books on paper? What about those companies that market themselves as self-publishers? Are they a good deal?And what if you simply want to make books to give to your family and friends? What's the best way to do that?Author and publishing professional Sonja Hakala maintains that there is no one-size-fits-all-authors way to publish a book. Different circumstances, different budgets, and different publishing goals call for unique strategies.Based on her workshops and extensive one-on-one work with authors, Sonja has put together a book that shines a bright light on the career and financial advantages and disadvantages of all the major publishing options for contemporary writers, including: Independent publishing. Private publishing. Self-publishing companies. Traditional publishing. Electronic publishing.There is no other book that gives you all of this information in one place. There is no other book that guides you to the best publishing choice for your work, your wallet, and you.Join Sonja Hakala as she guides you through the publishing jungle to success. She hasn't lost an author yet!If your cameraa#39;s software does not allow this process, use Adobe Photoshop Elements to get this done. Be sure to reduce ... (To ascertain the size of the JPEGs in your camera, consult your ownera#39;s manual.) 2. In order to create a ... is different and you may be able to perform steps 4a€“6 using that software. If not, I recommendanbsp;...

Title:Your Book, Your Way
Author:Sonja Hakala
Publisher:Full Circle Press - 2011-05-01


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