Your Circle of Health

Your Circle of Health

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The author's emphasis is on holistic, integrative, and natural health resources relative to the three circles of health, that of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Dr. Hall's Introduction Chapter explains to prospective readers the following: qThe purpose of this book is to provide a quick reference guide to alternative and complementary natural health care options from popular health approaches. It would be time-consuming and expensive for you to gather information from all the natural health care resources available. This book will give you the flavor of those natural alternative health care remedy books, and highlight their contents....q She continues, qThe first circle of health incorporates nutrition and exercise, or, as we think of it, our physical body. The second circle of health is mental health, or our emotions, inner thoughts, and inner light. Those emotions and thoughts also affect the way we eat. Stress is a major component of our emotions, and it ultimately affects our eating habits. The final circle of health, which is interwoven with the other circles, is spiritual health, or our values and beliefs. All of those circles overlap and influence the way we make choices about our health and the results that follow.q She goes on with a brief questionnaire, which tests the potential reader's knowledge of natural health, encouraging readers to finding the answers within the chapters that follow. A broad range of modern, leading-edge natural health therapies are outlined in the final segment which contains references to further study in the event readers have interests in pursuing such therapies to improve their own unique health conditions. (see outline for more information)This book will give you the flavor of those natural alternative health care remedy books, and highlight their contents.

Title:Your Circle of Health
Author:Susan Hall, Nd Hall, Susan Hall Nd Phd
Publisher:Transpersonal Publishing Company - 2010-09-01


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